Mission of Worksny

At Worksny, we specialize in connecting companies with exceptional remote professionals from around the world. Our mission is to break down geographical barriers, allowing businesses to tap into the brightest minds and skills, no matter where they're based.
With Worksny, you can recruit top-tier talent, foster diversity, and boost productivity while embracing the freedom and flexibility of remote work. Let us help you build a borderless workforce that's ready to take your organization to new heights. Join the remote work revolution with Worksny and experience the power of limitless possibilities.
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History of Worksny

Established in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, Worksny was born out of the rising demand for remote work solutions. Recognizing the shift towards remote work as a lasting trend, Worksny set out to bridge the gap between employers seeking remote talent and professionals looking for flexible, location-independent careers. Since then, Worksny has become a trusted partner, connecting global talent with progressive organizations in the era of remote work.


Remote Talent Sourcing
Worksny can actively search for and identify qualified remote professionals across various industries and skill sets. This service includes candidate research, networking, and outreach to build a diverse talent pool
Candidate Screening
The company can conduct thorough assessments and interviews to evaluate candidates' skills, experience, and cultural fit with remote work environments. This helps ensure that candidates meet the specific needs of employers
Job Matching
Worksny can match qualified candidates with suitable remote job opportunities. This involves a tailored approach to align candidates' preferences, skills, and career goals with employers' job openings
Remote Work Consulting
Offering guidance and expertise on remote work best practices, Worksny can help employers transition to remote work models successfully. This includes advising on remote team management, tools, and policies
Diversity Initiatives
Worksny can provide services aimed at promoting diversity and inclusion within remote teams. This involves sourcing candidates from underrepresented backgrounds and assisting companies in creating inclusive remote work environments
Candidate Development
To enhance candidates' success in remote roles, Worksny can offer training, coaching, and ongoing support. This helps remote professionals thrive in their careers and ensures long-term satisfaction for both candidates and employers

"At Worksny, we embarked on a mission to unlock the vast potential of remote work. We understood that to thrive in this new landscape, we needed a fresh approach to recruiting personnel for remote work. We envisioned a world where geographical boundaries no longer limited access to talent, where diversity and inclusion thrived, and where businesses could tap into a global pool of expertise. Our commitment has always been to make this vision a reality. We set out to connect employers with the right remote talent, breaking down barriers and making the world a workplace. We believe that the future of recruiting is flexible, diverse, and tech-driven."
Theresa Brewer founder of Worksny

Collective Worksny

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Recruitment Specialist
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Recruitment Specialist
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Client Relations Manager
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